We drive a hovercraft of the brand Slavir 6KO with an enviroment friendly engine Toyota 2GR V6 EFI 240hp. Max 7 passengers/1100kg.
Defibrillator is on board!

We make our way on land, ice, snow and water. Max wave height is 60cm. Winter time on ice, no restrictions. Since we are approx 40cm up in the air we make our way where no one else can drive.


Start fee 70€ + 220€ / starting hour. Waiting time for exampel at barbecue area/departure point will be charged by agreement. We drive regardless of the number of passengers.

Give your proposal and we will annouce a fixed price in advance. The prices include co-value taxes!


We have no established routes but we have many good suggestions. The customer decides where they want to be picked up and where they want to go. We usually drive in the Vaasa and Korsholm archipelago but of course in the entire Kvarken area, if necessary.

With us you can travel safely! Most of our drivers are trained divers with lifesaving and first aid knowledge. We also perform diving work all year around!

Welcome aboard!


Patrik Storm
+358 40 147 9212
+358 50 556 3079